Thursday, May 23, 2013

UnFinishedObjects, better known as UFOs

Every week, usually on Mondays, my BFF, Teresa, and I spend the afternoon working on quilting projects.   The first few weeks (back in January and February), we worked on her project that began a year ago.  After about 5 weeks we completed the quilt top except for a border.  When we made our trip to Coleman to deliver the Curves Quilt, we went shopping at the Quilter's Patch in Santa Anna and found some fabric for the border with plans to use a black or purple sheet for the backing.    In the interim, we've also been working on blocks from past and current Blocks of the Month patterns that I have accumulated over the last 4 years.  Our ultimate plan is for each of us to make a quilt top utilizing a panel with the portraits of  Civil War Confederate Generals and adding blocks made up of muted prints and tea-dyed muslin.....more to come on that.  I am also working on a project for the Coleman Heritage Hall Museum using some donated flour sacks.  While at Santa Anna's shop, I found some purple and yellow fabrics that compliment the flour sacks.....more to come on that too.
Finally, another project I hope to finish before the end of this year is to make a Memory Quilt for each of my 4 grandchildren whose father, James F. Hyde III,  passed away in March.  I have 5 bags of shirts from which to work......yes, more on that too.   TO BE CONTINUED....... 

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