Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Making Progress!!!

On Wednesday, July 17, BFF Teresa and I finished her Star Quilt.  The color is not very clear but the stars are purple and gold batiks bordered with black and two shades of purple batik; the backing is black and the thread is a veriagated gold/brown.  We ran into a few "snags" along the way, but all in all,  it turned out very nicely.    This is Teresa's first longarm quilting experience......a job well-done!

Yes....the aforementioned Coleman Museum Flour Sack Quilt is finished!  As written earlier, a bunch of antique flour sacks were donated to the Coleman Heritage Hall several years ago.  I learned about the flour sacks when I volunteered to work at the museum and offered to make a quilt for display to show how the flour sacks were used.  I think these sacks, which are a purple and yellow floral, are dated sometime in the 30s or 40s.   I used a quilt pattern called Haberdashery.  Backing is natural muslin and the thread is a neutral cream.    I delivered the quilt to Coleman on Friday, July 12 and met up with Kay Mitchell who accepted the quilt on behalf of the Museum. 

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