Thursday, November 10, 2011

San Saba Arts & Antiques Show

I attended the Arts & Antiques Show in San Saba last weekend......and it was a successful experience for me.  I arrived in San Saba on Friday evening just in time to unload and set up for Saturday morning.  I met my friends, Kay Mitchell and Kathy Andrews, and we all stayed at Burnham's Lodge located on the square.  It was a pleasant surprise.....a store front converted into individual guest rooms with private baths and a community kitchen.  After we got set up at the Civic Center, we three met at the room and unpacked; then we drove around town to see what there was to see.  It's a nice little town with a nostalgic square and shops all around it.  We found the local liquor store and had a cocktail before bedtime. 

The show was scheduled for Saturday from 10 - 6 and Sunday from 11 - 4.  The first day I sold 4 quilts, and I made a number of contacts for future projects.  We had dinner at a local Mexican Restaruant, called Pepperbelly's, located just a few doors down from our lodging.  Afterwards we made a shopping trip to Alco and Kathy purchased a game called "LCR".  When we got back to the 'hotel', we asked 3 other ladies if they wanted to play a game, and we settled in at the community kitchen table for a few hours of "LCR" fun and laughter. 

Sunday wasn't as prosperous for quilt sales, but again, I made several contacts and passed out at least half of my business cards.   We started closing up a little early because the traffic thinned out about 3PM.  I was ready to head home right at 4PM, picked up Spanky in Brownwood and arrived home by 6PM. 

This was a fun experience and worth all the preparation.  Since I've arrived back home, I've gotten one call from a lady I met in San Saba who wants to make several "Memory" throw quilts for her children from her late Mother's fabric stash.  These are scheduled for January 2012; I have 4 commission projects due for completion before Christmas.

Here is a picture of me at my booth in San Saba......

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I spent today getting prepared to attend an Arts & Antiques Show in San Saba this weekend.  I have 20 quilted pieces.....bed quilts, lap throws, wall hangings, pet pallets, and doll quilts....ready to price and pack.  I've asked for 2 tables at this event, and I'm taking 2 screens to put behind my tables so I can hang some items on them.  I'm getting excited about showing my work and getting my business cards out to the public.  I'm also taking a 'portfolio' with examples of  finishing other peoples' projects, which is my ultimate goal:  Getting Grandma's quilts back in circulation!

Updates next week on my experience.