All Quilts that are currently available for sale are clearly priced.
Texas tax of 8.25% applies
Shipping will be via USPS Flat Rate in the smallest package applicable for the specific piece(s).

Long-Arm Machine Quilting on your prepared quilt top is priced as follows:

Free Motion Meandering is two cents per square inch. 
To determine your cost, multiply the width inches times the length inches.  Take that total and multiply by  $.02.   (example:  60 X 60 = 3600 X .02 = $72.00)

A Single Pantograph Design (your choice) from edge to edge is two cents per square inch.
To determine your cost, see above example.

The above prices apply if you provide the quilt top, batting, backing, and thread. 

T-Shirt & Memory Quilts perpared and priced after consultation on specific details.

Custom Quilting will be determined after a consulation on specific details desired for the finished product.

* If squaring the quilt top is required, add $10.00
* If the seams are wrinkled and need to be pressed, add $10.00.
* Borders added at $15.00 per 4-sided border.
* Batting provided for a nominal fee depending on size of the piece as follows:
    100% cotton batting for a thin,supple cover:  Baby $15; Twin $20; Full/Queen $25.
    100% poly batting for a comforter effect:  Baby $10; Twin $15; Full/Queen $20.
* Binding will be added by machine for an additional $35.00 for small quilts up to 50".
* Binding will be added by machine for an additional $45.00 for quilts larger than 50". 
* Binding will be added by hand for additional price based on consultation, minimum $50.00.
* Thread Choices:  White/Beige/Black $2.50 per bobbin. 
                              Variegated or special order: $2.50 per bobb+ $5.00 speciality fee.

If you have any questions, or need clarification, please e-mail me at or please call 817-578-5009.  I check voice mail and e-mail frequently and will respond at earliest opportunity.