Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016: Assessing What To Do Next......

 I could hardly wait to start 2016....but I didn't know WHERE to start.  I have shelves and shelves of fabric:  Fabric on bolts, mini-bolts, folded in baskets, and scraps separated by color of which most is cut into various sizes of squares.  I decided to concentrate on using what I have rather than make new purchases.  First, I went through patterns and found one I bought about 5 years ago called "Radiant".  Then I picked a fabric of which I knew I had at least 2 yards to use for "inspiration" and as the outer border.  The next step was easy:  picking out fabrics from my stash that fit the color scheme of the "inspiration".  This called for 32 different problem!  One thing missing was a light neutral.  I used all my light neutral fabrics in Christmas projects, so I had to break down and buy some white-on-white at the local quilt shop.  The directions were easy and the project went pretty fast.  Here's the finished product......It is backed in maroon and quilted with gold thread.

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